Reign Of Fire Sculptural Firebowl™

  • The Reign Of Fire Story

    The Reign Of Fire Sculptural Firebowl is my masterpiece— the most beautiful thing I've created in over a decade of hand-carving fire features from steel. More gorgeous, perhaps, than any work I've made in 20 years working as a professional artist.

    This is a reinvention of my first firebowl design, The Great Bowl O' Fire, that brings it to the pinnacle of sculptural poetics.

    The intricacies of flames cut within flames allow a play of light and shadow that dazzles and beguiles— whorls and spirals, tongues and licks of flame, all interlock seamlessly as a dancing blaze. The centerpiece is a phoenix with flaming wings, symbolizing the rebirth of recycled steel into something new and beautiful. A hand-shaped flame attests that the sculpture is hand-carved with a torch. The remaining shapes are the natural forms of fire, ingrained in my hand from a life spent working with fire to create beauty from metals.


  • Product details: Reign Of Fire Sculptural Firebowl


    • 41" Diameter, 26" high overall, base is 16in diameter and 6" tall. Weight: 200 pounds.


    • 41" are cut from 1/4 inch steel, TEN TIMES thicker than mass-produced fire pits.

    Sculptural Firebowls are hand made from American made High-Strength, Low-Alloy, Cold-Rolled Steel.
    A one inch hole in the bowl's center provides drainage and makes gas conversion simple.

  • Propane and Natural Gas options (sold separately):

    Sculptural Firebowls are suitable for wood, propane or natural gas and ship ready-to-fit for clean-burning propane or natural gas.

    Upgrade kits are sold separately: Hearth Products Controls (HPC) makes a wide variety of UL listed burner kits that will easily convert my firebowls to natural gas or propane. The best option is to purchase them on Amazon with free shipping and simple returns if needed. I cannot provide tech support as I am not an expert in gas or plumbing but instructions are included and HPC can be contacted directly if you need further support.

    For Natural gas burner kits, shop here
    For Propane burner kits, shop here

    Specification Chart for Firebowl Gas Accessories:

    Want to compare specs for different firebowl designs? View this chart which lists all my Firebowl designs and shows the correct size for burners and pans, how many pounds of glass each design holds and how many BTUs they use.

  • Enjoy complimentary white glove delivery on all Sculptural Firebowl orders

    Your Sculptural Firebowl arrives on a delivery truck with a lift gate. A two person team will unpack your firebowl, place it in your location of choice, assemble it for you and remove all packaging when finished.

    Please provide a daytime phone number with your order so the delivery service can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

    • Price includes free white glove delivery for US orders and Canada, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
    • Email your shipping address for rates to Alaska and Hawaii or to purchase outside the US or Canada.

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