The Sculptural Firebowl Story

The power of fire and the strength of steel fuse in elemental elegance to create sculptural fine art reborn from the ashes of industry.

Since I created the first Great Bowl O' Fire, my art has set the world ablaze— I've shipped over 1000 firebowls to 50 states and 14 countries. Check the Locations map to see how the blaze has spread, including firebowls you can visit such as Southwest Porch in Bryant Park, Sandals, Montego Bay, and the Sheraton Waikiki's Rumfire bar.

My Sculptural Firebowls have been widely covered in books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television. HGTV and DIY Network frequently feature my work on their shows and I've been featured in both the Business and Home sections of the New York Times. 

As Gabriel Guzman writes in The Daily Book of Art:
Who would have thought that a bowl of fire could be so beautiful? Hand-cut out of recycled steel, these bowls combine sculpture and function to create unique works of art with industrial flair that provide warmth and an exciting centerpiece for events. When in use, the flame-like edges of these bowls cast mesmerizing shadows that dance across the ground, acting as part of the art.

It's easy to see why fire features have become such a popular element of landscape design… The warmth and focus of an open hearth under the stars provides a great space for socializing and conversation, extending the living area of your home to the outdoors. An evening around the fire is a pleasurable pastime, as flames capture the imagination, sparking ancient memories spanning back to the dawn of time. The constant movement and change of fire is both soothing and exciting, the perfect backdrop for tall tales, quiet reflection or intimate moments.

Sculptural Firebowls make a stunning focal point for yards, patios and gardens. Unlike many outdoor firepits which look dirty or empty when unlit, Sculptural Firebowls function as a gorgeous sculptural element either hot or cold. By day, the designs cast intriguing shadows both inside and outside the bowl and the rich tones of the patina suggest a warm blaze. At night, with a fire burning, the bowl casts flickering shadows as lively as the fire within.

Gather friends and family to celebrate around a roaring blaze year-round. The raised bowl allows you to sit comfortably without having to lean forward to stay warm. Keep your feet toasty, tucked below the rim of the bowl and bask in the full-body radiance that a raised firebowl offers. An outdoor fire pit is a great way to extend the outdoor living season.

Sculptural Firebowls are unique works of art hand-cut by artist John T. Unger. No two are exactly alike, as the designs are drawn free-hand. Each firebowl is signed with a stainless steel nameplate that guarantees authenticity.

Fine Art Sculpture with a Purpose: A Duality of Function + Form

  • Each is a unique sculptural work, made to order by artist John T. Unger.
  • Signed on engraved stainless steel plate. A signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity is mailed separately.
  • Dynasty Guarantee: Sculptural Firebowls will last generations.
  • Sculptural Firebowls function as gorgeous artwork even when unlit.
  • In sunlight, the designs cast intriguing shadows both inside and outside the bowl.
    When lit, the bowls cast flickering shadows as lively as the fire within.
  • The rich tones of the natural patina evoke the colors of a warm blaze.
  • Available in modern and ornate designs to enhance any setting.
  • Sculptural Firebowls are handcrafted from 100% recycled American made steel.
  • A small hole in the bowl's center provides drainage, and makes it simple to convert the bowls to clean-burning propane or natural gas
  • Raised bowl warms the whole body, allowing more comfortable seating.
  • Provides safer fires on windy evenings
  • Requires zero maintenance
  • 1/4" plate steel will last essentially forever

If my job as an artist is to fill the world with "more things," I feel it is equally important that I reclaim materials from the waste stream to make space for my work. I also believe strongly in designing for permanence and for functionality. Designed to become an everlasting part of your family tradition, Sculptural Firebowls come with a Dynasty Guarantee— a legacy to be passed down to your children and theirs.