Sculptural Firebowls

Functional Fine Art Handcrafted in American Steel

Sculptural Firebowls handmade by artist Rachael Que Vargas are luxury fire features valued for exceptional craftsmanship, beauty and design. These American made firepits, hand cut from recycled steel, have shipped to all 50 states and over 20 countries.

Sculptural Firebowls have been featured in magazines, newspapers, books and popular TV shows, including The New York Times Business and Home sections, Craft Magazine, Hearth and Home, Casual Living, HGTV’s Decked Out, DIY Network’s Man Caves, Epic’s Castle series and Hawaii Five-0.
Rachael Que Vargas' sculpture and mosaic have been commissioned by clients as diverse as Calvin Klein, Stagecoach Music Festival, Budweiser, Chicago Public Art Group and the Museum of Natural Hostory, NYC.

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