Field of Heavens Sculptural Firebowl™

  • The Field of Heavens Story

    When I prepared to make Sculptural Firebowl No. 1800, I decided to reach for the stars. Literally.

    A 50 carat Campo del Cielo meteorite is the real star of the Field of Heavens Sculptural Firebowl™.

    Front and center of the bowl, an actual iron-nickel meteorite from outer space is welded into a relief sculpture of a fiery falling star composed of two layers of cut steel. A shooting star within a shooting star!

    Four more falling stars are cut into the bowl and backlit by the fire, so you can have your own meteor shower any evening you gather around the fire. When lit by fire (or by the sun when not in use), the firebowl will project images of the shooting stars on the ground. Annual meteor showers such as the Perseids and the Leonids burn up completely in the atmosphere and never reach the ground, but you can hold a meteor shower watching party around the fire with your own piece of the sky at the center. Whether you're an avid stargazer who knows the night sky like your own hand, or just like to make a wish when you see a falling star, this fire feature can bring a bit of magic and mystery from the heavens to your yard.

    I have always wanted to work with meteoric iron, and this firebowl is the result of deciding to do something truly special when I created my 1800th Sculptural Firebowl. Iron from meteorites was the earliest source of usable iron people used to make steel tools and weapons before the discovery of smelting led to the iron age. Meteoric iron is still used by jewelers and fine blade smiths due to it's relative purity and the beautiful Widmanstätten patterns caused by long nickel-iron crystals revealed when the meteorite is cut.

    Until space travel becomes commonplace, owning a meteorite is the only way you can hold in your hands something that is not from this world— a genuine piece of outer space that you can touch. It is also the oldest thing you will ever encounter, possibly older than our planet and the solar system itself!

    Meteorites are stones that survive the heat and acceleration and force of plunging through Earth's atmosphere, coming to rest far from their origins in deep space. Iron meteorites originate from the planetary cores of planetesimals (small bodies in space such as asteroids and comets, left over from the formation of planets). They are made up from the same elements as the Earth's core and may be shattered fragments caused by deep space collisions of larger ancient asteroids. Most are believed to come from the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter but some may have traveled from far beyond our solar system, bringing mystery and meaning from the dawn of time and space.

    The Iron-nickel meteorite in this firebowl is a metallic crystal that fell from outer space approximately 4,200–4,700 years ago. The age of the meteoric iron itself is about 4.6 billion years old, as old as our own solar system! Campo del Cielo translates to "Field of Heavens" and refers to a group of iron meteorites found 620 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Campo del Cielo Meteorite is one of the world's oldest documented meteorite finds, and is also the heaviest ever recovered on Earth (although in many fragments). It was first discovered in 1576 though aboriginal inhabitants of the area had know of it for ages. It is estimated that the pure iron asteroid weighed 800 tons before impact.

    This firebowl design will be a limited edition, as it is no longer possible to acquire meteorites from Campo del Cielo. The Campo del Cielo specimens used in this firebowl design were legally obtained prior to the 2008 Argentine law prohibiting exportation of meteorites. I have access to a limited number of them that were collected by reputable dealers before the ban on export.

  • Product details: Field of Heavens Sculptural Firebowl


    • 37" Diameter, 22" high overall, base is 12" in diameter and 6" tall. Weight: 135 pounds.
    • 41" Diameter, 26" high overall, base is 16" in diameter and 6" tall. Weight: 200 pounds.


    • 37" + 41" are cut from 1/4 inch steel, TEN TIMES thicker than mass-produced fire pits.

    Sculptural Firebowls are hand made from American made High-Strength, Low-Alloy, Cold-Rolled Steel.
    A one inch hole in the bowl's center provides drainage and makes gas conversion simple.

  • Propane and Natural Gas options (sold separately):

    Sculptural Firebowls are suitable for wood, propane or natural gas and ship ready-to-fit for clean-burning propane or natural gas.

    Upgrade kits are sold separately: Hearth Products Controls (HPC) makes a wide variety of UL listed burner kits that will easily convert my firebowls to natural gas or propane. The best option is to purchase them on Amazon with free shipping and simple returns if needed. I cannot provide tech support as I am not an expert in gas or plumbing but instructions are included and HPC can be contacted directly if you need further support.

    For Natural gas burner kits, shop here
    For Propane burner kits, shop here

    Specification Chart for Firebowl Gas Accessories:

    Want to compare specs for different firebowl designs? View this chart which lists all my Firebowl designs and shows the correct size for burners and pans, how many pounds of glass each design holds and how many BTUs they use.

  • Enjoy complimentary white glove delivery on all Sculptural Firebowl orders

    Your Sculptural Firebowl arrives on a delivery truck with a lift gate. A two person team will unpack your firebowl, place it in your location of choice, assemble it for you and remove all packaging when finished.

    Please provide a daytime phone number with your order so the delivery service can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

    • Price includes free white glove delivery for US orders and Canada, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
    • Email your shipping address for rates to Alaska and Hawaii or to purchase outside the US or Canada.

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